Thursday, 19 May 2016

Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Understanding Trichotillomania

As a behavioural condition, trichotillomania is where an individual feels compelled to pull at his or her hair severely. French dermatologist Fran├žois Henri Hallopeau first came up with the term when he observed the condition of his patient back in 1889. The term is derived from the Greek words thrix (hair), tillein (to pull), and mania (obsession).

Trichotillomania can be tricky to identify in a person. If you want to know you have symptoms of trichotillomania, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Disorders recommends that you use the following criteria to test yourself or your loved one for the condition:
     • Is there a repeated pulling of your own hair that results in visible hair loss?
     • Do you feel any growing urge to pull your own hair, followed by a sense of relief after the hair is           pulled?
     • The condition cannot be explained by an alternative medical condition.
     • The condition prevents the person from focusing on other aspects of his or her life.

Does the above criteria confirm that you have trichotillomania? For treatment, you may schedule a consultation with Lucinda Ellery or read Lucinda Ellery reviews online to learn about their innovative Intralace System™.


Trichotillomania: Understanding compulsive hair-pulling,

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