Thursday, 5 May 2016

Lucinda Ellery Reviews Solutions for Post-Pregnancy Woe

Lucinda Ellery Reviews Solutions for Post-Pregnancy Woe

Women briefly experience a stage of hair loss after pregnancy. Upon seeing signs of thinning, some women may panic but the good news is that this is only temporary. Lucinda Ellery reviews on various concern of women who may still want to explore hair loss solutions to deal with this cosmetic issues.

During pregnancy, the body produces more estrogens which makes the hair appear thicker. Once you have given birth, estrogen levels go down which means that hair will be in their resting phase, causing more shedding than usual. The thinning, however, may not be such a drastic change that you will notice it right away but your hair growth will eventually return to normal.

You should give your hair about 12 months to recover before you can expect it to return to its usual thickness. In the meantime, however, you can look into some clever ways to hide the thinning if you are feeling concerned for your appearance. For instance, hair loss solutions like Intralace System™ or the Medi Connections™ can be integrated to your hair to boost volume.

Of course, you can explore other ways to deal with postpartum hair loss. Just remember that the solutions you try should be gentle on natural hair so you can be well on your way to recovering your gorgeous locks.


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