Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Adding Volume to Fine Hair

Does your hair start great and voluminous in the morning only to end up flat and dull at night? Chances are you have fine hair. Having this type of hair is tough, because it’s fickle and tends to lose its lustre quick. The bad news is that dryers and irons are your enemy, so you can’t really rely on them when your hair turns lifeless at the end of the day, because they’ll only do more harm than good.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent having bad hair all day. Find out how to make your fine thin hair speak volumes with these tips:

Get a layered hairstyle

The right hairstyle can give your hair the lasting volume you’re looking for. Talk to your stylist about layers that can add texture to your hair.

Air dry your hair

Girls with fine hair should avoid hairdryers like the plague. Since fine hair dries faster than other types, you can simply let the air dry your hair naturally.

Go with extensions

Extensions such as Lucinda Ellery’s MediConnections and Intralace System are a great way to add volume to fine hair. Read Lucinda Ellery reviews to learn about these innovative fine hair solutions.


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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Normal Hair Loss

For most women, hair is an extension of their style and personality. Short, long, wavy, curled—regardless of how it’s styled, hair reflects a woman’s pride and confidence. Many studies have revealed how hair affects an individual’s image, so you can imagine how devastating hair loss can be to a woman’s self-esteem.

Hair loss is a fairly normal occurrence—most people shed about 50 to 100 hair strands a day. That said, some people lose more hair than others. If you notice large clumps of hair on your clothes, hairbrush, or bathroom drain, it may be time to consult your physician. Certain drastic lifestyle changes, such as crash diets, added workplace stress, pregnancy, and even a new hairstyle can lead to excess hair loss. Your physician can help diagnose what’s causing your hair to fall and recommend the right steps for you to take so you can restore your hair to its former health and strength.

For more hair loss information, tips, and solutions, continue reading Lucinda Ellery reviews.



Thursday, 14 July 2016

Learn About Trendy Braids from Lucinda Ellery Reviews

If you’re in need of a new hairdo, you should know that a new haircut and hair colour aren’t always the only options. In fact, upon browsing through Lucinda Ellery reviews online, you can read about women who add style and personality to their hair with a few tweaks.

For a new look, you can simply turn to the elegant and feminine appeal of braids—and there are quite a number for you to try. Here are some of them:

Half-Up Waterfall Braid

Whether you need a classy ‘do for a night out or a casual look for a day at the mall with friends, the half-up waterfall braid can be the answer. By leaving one section of the braid to hang and scooping new hair from the bottom to serve as the middle piece, you can create a waterfall effect.

Fishtail Braid with Accent Braid

Why settle for one when you can have two? Grab two sections of your hair, making one section larger than the other. Fishtail braid the larger section and create a traditional three-strand braid with the small section. Combine both braids into one hair elastic and put on a flower crown for a bohemian vibe.


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Friday, 8 July 2016

Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Shed Lights on Bad Hair Habits

Hair loss is a highly stressful situation for a woman and can negatively affect her self-esteem. In fact, as you read through insightful Lucinda Ellery reviews, it’s easy to see the important role that hair plays in a woman’s sense of identity and beauty. Therefore, whether you’re a current or former client of Lucinda Ellery, it’s necessary for you to avoid the following bad habits that can damage your natural hair.

Chemical Treatments

No matter how tempting the latest hair trends are, it would serve you well to steer clear of chemical hair treatments such as bleaching, coloring, and perming that can alter the structure of hair, making it more vulnerable to damage. Instead, opt to use natural, chemical-free hair products and give your hair a break from damaging salon treatments.

Ponytails and Braids

While your hair is still in the healing and growing stage, avoid subjecting your locks to excessive stress or pulling. Keep in mind that high and tight ponytails and braids can cause hair to break, especially when the hair is wet. Choose to style your hair in simple, loose hairstyles that won’t cause undue stress on your scalp and hair.