Friday, 19 August 2016

Lucinda Ellery Reviews: On Safe Shampoos

Heartwarming Lucinda Ellery reviews highlight the beauty and benefits of the Intralace System as experienced by Lucinda Ellery’s clients. In fact, such Intralace System hair loss solutions can be integrated into the client’s existing hair and allow their natural hair to grow and recover. Therefore, if you’re currently using an Intralace System solution or planning on getting one, you ought to use a shampoo that won’t hurt your hair’s health. The following are some ingredients that are present in some shampoos that you’d do well to avoid:


You read that right. Once you see the term “fragrance” in the list of ingredients, expect toxic chemicals that can cause allergies, brain fog, headaches, and contact dermatitis, to name a few. Usually made from phthalates and petrochemicals, chemical fragrances have been linked to developmental abnormalities in children whose mothers have been exposed to high levels of such harmful substances.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

SLS is a commonly used surfactant and detergent in the manufacture of shampoos, shaving creams, and other personal care products. Toxicologists have found that SLS is easily absorbed through the skin and can leave residues in the heart, brain, liver, and lungs. Due to its highly irritating nature, SLS can significantly damage the hair and skin, resulting in rashes, dermatitis, and hair loss—and this is an adverse effect that you really have to avoid.

5 Toxic Chemicals Probably Found in Your Shampoo,

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