Friday, 18 March 2016

Lucinda Ellery Reviews Show Pros of Habit Monitoring

Lucinda Ellery Reviews Show Pros of Habit Monitoring

The song “Hard Habit to Break” by Chicago may have been popular at one point, but it doesn’t have to be the soundtrack of your life, especially if you have trichotillomania (TTM). In fact, when you read informative Lucinda Ellery reviews online, you’ll come to believe that there is definitely hope not only to regain your hair, but to finally break the habit of pulling.

Along with the Intralace System™, which can disguise areas of hair loss and discourage hair pulling, TTM also needs to be addressed with cognitive behavioural therapy, and it usually starts with self-monitoring.

Daily Check: Awareness of the Action

Individuals undergoing behavioural therapy for TTM are often required to keep a detailed record of the times they pulled their hair using a self-monitoring form. They take note of the number of minutes spent pulling and describe the pulling situation. By doing so, they will become aware of and recognise patterns in their behaviour.

Feelings, Thoughts, or Urges: Knowing the Triggers

A number of Lucinda Ellery reviews online reveal that one’s urge to pull hair is brought on by a certain amount of stress. During habit monitoring for TTM, a person will likewise observe and write down their feelings or thoughts before or after hair pulling. This allows them to identify triggers and eventually learn to prevent or control them.


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